Today it’s about total revenue management and thinking holistically about what is being said about the brand, about individual properties, about the type of offerings on any given day an in every channel. “Everything from typography to the images we choose tells the story and reinforces our brand. It goes far beyond maximizing revenue on any given day at the right time at the right price and in the right channel,” says Josh Henegar, Corporate Revenue Director, 1859 Historic Hotels. It may not be what most hoteliers, and certainly not what revenue managers want to hear but Henegar says “there is an artistic element to some things that cannot be measured using a quantifiable metric”. What he does know, however, is that simple changes, though difficult to measure, can yield results. From beacon technologies to upgrades, buckets of beer or booking a cab, delivering a great service will not only delight guests it will also boost revenues. However, there is a lot of noise out there with new vendors proclaiming to solve problems or deliver new ways of doing business. Get the full story at EyeForTravel