Duetto’s Gabriela Guevara, Regional Director of Customer Success & Strategic Consulting, attributes the industry’s low conversion rates to slow load times, designs that are not mobile first, poor site user experiences, insufficient content and confusing offers. Weston agrees, adding these additional reasons for why hotels might have low conversion rates. Risk/Investment. Booking a hotel stay, especially for a longer period of time, is not often a spur-of-the-moment type of decision. Many guests shop extensively before booking. “If you purchase a t-shirt for $40 and it turns out to be of poor quality, that’s not the end of the world,” says Weston. “But if you book a hotel stay for $400 and it’s a poor experience, you are far unhappier about that investment. Guests tend to spend a lot of time researching and shopping.” Choice and Information Overload. If hotels want to win the booking war, it’s critical to know how to differentiate from the competition. “There are 1,081 hotels in London, for example,” says Weston. “For you to sell a room at your hotel you need to have a better overall proposition than a thousand other hotels. And you need to make that very clear on your website.” Confusing Offers. How you position your offers can have a big impact on conversion rates. “Hotel guests looking to book a stay on February 14th are more likely to want a romance-themed package,” says Weston. “Hoteliers that present standard offers on their website at times when guests are looking for special packages are going to see low conversions.” Get the full story at Duetto