Our new eBook, The Hotelier’s Guide to Managing Guest Expectations in the Digital Age, dives deep into the ever-changing landscape of guest expectations. Here, we provide 6 tips for setting expectations for your property. 1. Know thyself: Know what your property is - and what it is not. If your property is located in a financial district, it’s probably not a place where guests can ‘escape from it all’. Be sure that your messaging, then, reflects your property and your offerings. 2. Know your guest: Knowing the type of guest you’re looking to - and likely to - attract will help you set and meet expectations. European Hostel’s Hans Brinker knows their target audience is the young budget traveler, looking for a room at a decent price in a good location: “Pool, gym, ice sculptures, famous chefs, free slippers, bell boys, floral arrangements, car services – this is a list of stuff we don’t have” and is used as a draw rather than a disadvantage of booking with them. Get the full story at Sojern