Consumer expectations are constantly evolving. As such, Google Travel has named our modern time “the age of assistance.” This term doesn’t refer to traditional customer service, but the multi-layered communications approach required by nearly every brand with customers. Most travel brands like airlines have jumped on board with this multi-layered approach. As a result, travelers have far higher expectations, even compared to just five years ago. Those expectations are so high because airlines, OTAs, and Airbnb have taken charge and set them there with tailored pre-trip communications. But the reality is, we’ve noticed that hotels, especially independents and small groups, are not optimizing communications with guests between the booking confirmation and the day they set foot on the property. Hoteliers are missing the opportunity to build the brand relationship between the hotel and its guests, as guests have come to expect, and are missing out on the opportunity to create upsell opportunities. Get the full story at Runtriz