1. Mobile, Mobile and Mobile eMarketer forecasts that more than 30 million consumers will make a purchase via their smartphone in 2015 – this number is not slowing down. Hotels can no longer afford not to have a mobile-optimized website, considering only 29% who encountered a non-mobile-optimized website actually pushed through. What hotels need to know about mobile in 2015 is that there is a difference between smartphone and tablets and the way consumers use them during the phases of the travel shopping journey. eMarketer quoted Blake Clark, Director of Mobile at Travelocity, during the webinar who sums it up well – “Tablet is just a different animal than the phone.” And it’s true. Think about how you use your tablet – perhaps for booking, but more so to research travel thanks to the large screen, perfect for flipping through visuals of your next adventure. Smartphones, on the other hand, are more often used on-the-go – and savvy hotel marketers can benefit from smartphones’ proximity and mapping capabilities to target nearby travelers with special offers. Other businesses are taking notice, with mobile ad spend on local expected to increase by 54.2% in 2015. Key takeaway: Mobile-optimized websites are the first step, but it’s also about the content you share on these websites. You want to ensure your media properly fits the user’s device and that you’re taking advantage of mobile by highlighting aspects of your hotel story to mobile travelers. Get the full story at Leonardo