1. Find Your Voice. It is important to utilize authentic photos in your accounts and to find the right niche for your hotel or destination. Leave out over-staged stock shots, and concentrate on providing users with photos that show the real experience offered by the property and the destination surrounding your hotel. 2. Posting Frequency. Unless you have a never ending supply of incredible photographs, do not feel compelled to post every day. Start with once a week and build up to two or three times per week. If photography and art are part of the fabric of your hotel, you may choose to post more frequently, but remember that quality should always trump quantity. 3. To Regram or Not to Regram. Regramming or reposting user generated content on Instagram is a great way to expand your image bank, but be careful about how you do this. Instagram doesn't currently support regramming natively, however, there are a number of third party apps that allow you to repost an Instagram user’s content and most importantly credit them. While this seems very easy it may not be the best way for hoteliers to implement regramming. Even if you choose to use an automated app, I encourage you to still always seek (and keep on record) written permission from users first before reposting their content. And always credit them in your post, no matter what. While you are seeking permission to use the photos, you should also consider asking for permission to use the photos on your website. Get the full story at HSMAI