This post will examine the seven most effective examples of travel brands reaching customers with relevant mobile marketing. We’ll look into specific mobile techniques like in-app messaging, push notifications, mobile email and responsive landing pages. 1. Airbnb:In-App Referral Landing Page Airbnb makes it easy on users to bridge the activation gap and start using their app with this responsive mobile landing page. With a strong hero image to communicate the value within the app, the brand greets potential users with a friendly face and a pared-down design to make enrolling a breeze. In the ever-more mobile world, having web pages adapted to each device is critical. Already having optimized for mobile app conversions, Airbnb uses referrals to great effect to maximize engagement. Aiding in this is the simplified set of sign-up options. A quick email or an even quicker Facebook sign in glosses over the only technical aspect of signup and prepares the user to book immediately. Get the full story at CustomerThink