1. You don't use enough visuals. Facebook's new timeline, which rolled out in March, is designed to support big, bold visuals. According to a recent study by Fast Company, 44 percent of social media users are most likely to engage with companies that post visual content: graphics, photographs, videos, and infographics. If you're not using visuals liberally, you're ignoring your audience's needs and inviting them to go elsewhere to find compelling visual content. Go BIG. Go bold. Quote famous individuals. Share videos. Use your company colors, and play with font shapes and sizes to optimize for both desktop and mobile. 2. You don't use your real estate wisely. Did you know Facebook recently lifted the ban on using calls to action on cover photos? (Here's an explanation of the change.) The cover photo is front and center on your page, and it shows up in the feed when someone "likes" you, so you should absolutely be rotating relevant marketing graphics in that spot. Additionally, take full advantage of customizing Facebook tabs to point to graphically appealing landing pages that bolster lead-generation efforts. Let's say that you just produced a new piece of content—an e-book or a guide, for example—and have created a cover image specifically to promote this content using words and colorful graphics. Your new content will get more "airtime" with a customized tab, and your image will always have a home in your photo album. The most recent post area will provide yet another visual that points directly to your content's customized landing page. Get the full story at PR Daily