1. Richard Brooks on visualising the benefits of IT: “Perhaps the greatest consistent challenge I encountered was just the acceptance of technology in our industry. For many years technology was viewed as a ‘necessary evil’, or a tool that had not reached sufficient functionality and maturity to be a truly competitive asset to hospitality managers.” 2. Robert Bennett on IT managers: “Early in my career as an IT manager at a hotel, maybe 75% of my issues were hardware related, leaving little time to improve applications or processes. Today, those hardware issues are almost completely gone and IT managers can make much more valuable contributions to hotel operations and guest satisfaction. Inexpensive, reliable, standard hardware and operating systems are really what have allowed technology to expand in hospitality.” 3. Dave Berkus on new technology: “Each seven to 10 years, there is
a new generation of technology that challenges suppliers of systems to upgrade or rewrite in order to remain current. Hospitality technology vendors and users must learn to be agile and adapt to change — or suffer a loss of leadership or even relevance. This form of creative destruction has continued to ravage the industry from its technology beginnings, and provides openings for new companies with new ideas periodically to shake up this industry.” Get the full story at SiteMinder