1. Direct relationships Hospitality is a people business. Inserting third-parties between two humans is rarely the best way to improve communications or understanding. 18 months ago Booking.com announced that it would no longer pass guest details and email addresses to hotels. That kind of relationship-blocker reduces a hotel’s ability to know, understand and serve their customers. 2. Anticipation For guests on vacation, the research is clear – they get more additional ‘happiness’ in the run up to your trip than in the trip itself. Building anticipation pre-travel adds value to any hotel stay. This is one reason why hotels have improved pre-stay messaging. Direct relationships make this possible. 3. Brand value In return for services and bookings, real estate owners pay annual fees to hotel brands. These contracts are under pressure if the brands are disintermediated and fail to deliver significant direct bookings. The power of OTAs and importance of Tripadvisor reviews could drive owners towards an unbranded future. Get the full story at Triptease