US hotel brand loyalty reaches an all-time high in 2019. Loyalty-related bookings account for more than 50% of the total hotel bookings in the U.S.. Throughout 2019, total US loyalty contribution increased 7.6% to 56.2%, a jump of 8.3 percentage points or 17.3% since the top hotel brands launched aggressive book-direct campaigns in 2016.

Hotel CEO's on loyalty. There’s a place for loyalty programs, but consumers today are looking for hotels to understand their preferences without being creepy.

Hotel loyalty no longer just about earning points for hotel stays. Hospitality loyalty programs are in the midst of a shake-up. Traveler priorities are evolving as consumers seek out more varied options to earn and use rewards beyond the stay. And Hotels are adapting their loyalty offerings in response, offering new types of rewards and looking for ways to serve customers not just while they’re on property but as part of their daily lives.