Why the travel industry as to adopt white box AI. AI decisions can cause additional frustration for travelers. As we move to a more personalized travel experience, airlines, lodging and car rental companies will need to operationalize their AI to deliver the right service to the right passenger at the right time - and as transparent as possible.

Where hotel owners, operators invest in tech features. It's all about creating balance between guest needs and brand wants. Hotel owners, operators and asset managers offered up advice on how to balance needs and wants as well as what their top investment priorities are for the year.

There is a practical use case for blockchain - hotel commissions for agencies. Travelport and IBM, together with partners including BCD are working to add hotel commissions on a distributed ledger, so that complex commission processes can become accurately, transparently and quickly settled.

Sabre: How in-room AI is giving hotels a competitive advantage

9 trends that are surprising hotel CDOs. As hotels become increasingly reliant on technology, the role of chief digital officer expands every year. HSMAI brought together about two dozen CDOs from hotel brands, management companies, and owner groups at the Chief Digital Officer Executive Roundtable in New York City on Jan. 23 to pick their brains about challenges and trends they’ve been seeing in the past six months.

The Sinclair, the first all-digital hotel. Intel’s internet of things (IoT) technology weaves through the DNA of The Sinclair. Features include in-room sensors, IoT gateways, dashboards, and IoT-based restaurant sinks and appliances. Together, they create more sustainable and efficient building operations to in-room environments personalized for guests.

Technology and the modern traveler’s search for unique, meaningful experiences. It’s no longer about getting from point A to point B, or booking accommodation. Given the rapid pace at which digitisation is taking over the world, especially with the advent of new and emerging technologies, a lot of traditional businesses are planning to reinvent themselves as technology businesses.

Hotel apps enter a new decade. They have become the go-to for managing our lives, yet most hotel apps still seem stuck in the dark age of the branded hotel app, according to Apaleo.

Would you like fries with that? McDonald‘s is turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning in the hopes of predicting what customers want before they decide.

Sabre and Accor partner for new hospitality technology platform. Accor will become Sabre’s newest enterprise hospitality customer. In collaboration with Accor, Sabre intends to develop a new full service property management capability and enrich its existing central reservation and limited service property management systems. These capabilities will combine within a new unified cloud-native, highly-flexible platform that will be built for and available to hoteliers across all property classes and geographic regions.

Hotel tech trends from CES 2020. From catlike delivery robots to advanced translation tools, here are four hotel tech trends from last week’s CES show in Las Vegas.

Uber just made a huge mistake. Because Uber needed Kalanick just as much as it needed Khosrowshahi. By allowing founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick to walk away, Dara Khosrowshahi lost more than experience. He lost a key part of Uber's heart and soul.