To ensure your PPC has a sound foundation, consider these five best practices. Space and time targeting Consider where users are at the time of the search and which device they are using. Queries such as “Hotel near me” are more relevant to your business if users are within a few miles away from your hotel rather than if they are many miles away. Include a GEO-local campaign into your strategy so you can manage budget and bids independently from other campaigns. “…near me” searches can have different levels of urgency if users search these terms in the morning or in the afternoon. Include different messaging in your strategy based on the time of the day and distinguish your business from other brands by being more relevant. Queries such as “Where I can find a Hotel near me” are more likely to be used on a mobile device or home assistant, rather than desktop. You can enhance your account by adapting ad copy content based on device. If you know that people are favouring one device over another, make the most of it. The best way to capture mobile device users’ attention is to provide a special offer just for them. For example, a promotional offer on rates via PPC on mobile devices could boost ROI from online mobile bookings. Get the full story at Tnooz Read also "The ultimate guide to website design for hotels" at Tnooz