A Google research study in 2014 found that 76% of consumers used Online Travel Agent (OTA) sites because they believed they were getting cheaper rates. Since then, the continued rise of metasearch sites and price comparison widgets has begun to correct this misperception. In addition, recent headlines and advertising about exclusive rates for loyalty scheme members from Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Hyatt has helped to promote the bene ts of booking direct. Nevertheless, a proportion of hotel rates are still undercut by intermediaries, usually for reasons that are quite easy for hoteliers to resolve. Triptease works with over 8,000 hotels worldwide. We monitor OTA rates, recording each time the direct hotel price is undercut. Based on a dataset of 33 million website searches in the last few months, we have found that: - On average, a direct hotel price is undercut by an OTA one in four times. - It can be estimated that this level of undercutting is costing hotels over $1Bn a year in direct bookings*. - Despite this, the direct price is on average $10.27 cheaper when compared across all searches. Get the full story at Triptease