Skift has been engaged in a running dialogue in recent weeks with one such hotelier about travel industry developments. Referring to online travel agency distribution partners running roughshod over rate agreements, the hotelier, who declined to be identified, says, “We have no control over parity since it is like the Wild West out there with online travel agencies charging whatever they like with no regard for the rate we set for our own hotel.” In the scheme of things, hoteliers contract with online travel agencies to sell their rooms at set rates and at an established commission. In the first quarter of 2015, however, an Expedia official admitted that the company was reducing its margins at certain times when selling rooms and presumably lowering rates to build loyalty programs and share. “Whenever you call Expedia to complain about the (discounting) practice, they claim to know nothing about it, and it must be one of their rogue affiliates,” the hotelier told Skift. “They would never do something like that to us, and they will contact them and try to help you shut that discount code down.” Get the full story at Skift