1. Create compelling content Your guests really only have two questions when deciding where to stay: - “Is your hotel the right choice for this stay?” - “Why should I book through you?” Your Web content exists to help guests answer their questions and to drive them toward a booking decision. It ought to be your best salesperson. Update your website content regularly to address common - or not so common - guest questions. Talk to your front-desk staff and your concierges to see what questions they hear from guests, then update your website and your social media presence to include that information. And always ensure that your content contains a call-to-action that encourages guests to learn more, dive deeper or, best of all, book their stay. 2. Update your images Not all content is created equal. Images not only answer your guests’ questions, but also help them envision exactly how much they’ll enjoy their stay. There’s a dead-simple reason sites like TripAdvisor, Booking.com and Google are investing so much energy and effort in creating and curating images these days: They drive bookings. As RockCheetah founder Robert Cole noted in a recent e-book: “A product manager for a prominent OTA told me … the one universal truth is ‘pretty pictures sell hotels.’” Hoteliers I work with frequently see fantastic results when they update their websites to include larger, bolder, more engaging imagery. The rise of sites like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the so-called “Retina-quality” displays on laptops, tablets and mobile phones highlights how much emphasis your guests place on visual information—and underscores the critical role images play in helping your guests choose to book with you. Get the full story at Hotel News Now