We?re all tense and anxious in air travel these days. So some levity about all those fees and extra charges is welcome.

But fees are on passengers? minds. Yes, air fares are at bargain levels on many routes, as passenger demand falls faster than the airlines? frantic moves to reduce capacity. And there are what can only be described as fire sales on many international routes, where airlines added lots of capacity in recent years in the belief that high-end business travel would never stop growing.

Like the popular travel site Kayak.com, TripAdvisor?s flight site gathers and sorts data from the booking sites, and a user can then click through to make the actual purchase. Kayak and similar so-called metasearch sites have loyal networks of users. But Trip-Advisor claims its user-friendly fees calculator is a major differentiator, at a time when fees can add a significant premium to a fare, and create a lot of confusion to boot.

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