Although it’s perhaps a subtle change, it’s a logical one, as it makes frequently used features easier to access and organizes them into related groups that match “the stages of search” - to quote Google. New navigation headings have become: “Search Appearance”, “Search Traffic”, “Google Index” and “Crawl”. This new design is much tidier, allowing quick access to the key areas or issues that webmasters will want to monitor and assess. As digital marketers, we should be monitoring GWT closely, because if Google cannot crawl and index your site, neither can a user access your content costing you valuable visits. So if there are issues here, we need to correct these first. But if crawling and indexing are ticking over nicely, we then try to improve the appearance and coverage in search so that we’ll receive optimum levels of search traffic to our site. This is something that we tend to monitor more frequently than crawl issues, as we always have our eyes on the prize of more traffic. So, what’s under each heading? Get the full story at Econsultancy