The merging of consumer technologies, social media, and mobility create new expectations and opportunities to deliver guest services and to enhance guest experiences. With social media apps integrated into every new mobile device, most social media usage and Internet activity now occurs through mobile devices. Travelers are at the epicenter of this convergence trend; it epitomizes their lifestyles. Key findings reveal: - By 2015, 85% of restaurants and 91% of hotels will have a mobile website. - 72% of hotel apps have the ability to reserve a room. - 96% of restaurants display menus on their mobile apps. - By 2015, 53% of restaurants and 39% of hotels plan to offer mobile payment. - Interactive digital signage ranked high both in business impact and customer engagement for both restaurants and hotels. - Facebook (90%) and Twitter (78%) get the most use by restaurants and hotels. - Social media is the most-used interactive tool by restaurants (89%) and hotels (91%). Download the full report at Hospitality Technology