Your brand's persona should be consistent throughout all customer touch points, from your marketing to your lobby décor to the name of your restaurant and the color of the bedspread -- as well as in all your social media contacts. While most of these elements of your hotel's persona are set-and-forget, social media communications and, especially, responses to reviews, often take place on the fly and may be the work of several employees. So it's especially important that each response is delivered in the hotel's true voice. How you respond to a review online is absolutely critical. Forrester found that 79 percent of consumers were reassured when management responded to a bad review, and 64 percent would be swayed by management response when comparing two properties. It's essential to respond to consumer reviews, when allowed, but why not go a step further and use your responses as another branding opportunity? The exercises that follow will help you define your hotel's persona and then create simple, effective templates that will streamline the response process while emphasizing the qualities that make your property like no other. Download the full paper at Revinate