As hoteliers we don’t always consider data to be a fundamental tool in our daily operations. We’d rather focus on making our guests happy than crunching numbers. So why does data matter to hotels? Because at the end of the day data is just information. When we look at the right data in the right way, we can not only ensure our guests are having a great stay, but we can optimize revenues, occupancy, and organizational efficiency. Data is often spoken about in mythical terms: “with good data anything is possible” or “just look to the data for answers.” Data is vitally important to any modern business, but how you look at your data and what you decide to do with it makes all the difference. Today, any hotel with a website or some OTA or social media presence already has access to amazing quantities of data. Google Analytics can tell you what’s happening on your hotel website. Facebook can help you interact with customers. So the question today becomes: How do you look at your data? Let’s take a closer look at the different types of data and analytics hotels use every day. Get the full story at SnapShot