Although the major services get most attention, there are dozens of players in the local search space and lots of opportunities for search marketers use to highly targeted services to reach users looking for local products and services.

The Local Search Guide is an industry showcase put together by the Yellow Pages Association with support from comScore, SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) and The Kelsey Group, a consulting firm known for its work in online yellow pages and directories.

The Local Search Guide features profiles of 21 internet yellow pages providers, 21 search engines that offer some type of local search, 27 vertical directories that serve as an online index of local vendors in well-defined categories, and 30 search tool vendors, defined as companies that provide directory listings, transform existing print products to online content, combine Web services with VoIP and phone capabilities, or provide search capabilities through a network of users.

Profiles of each company are compiled from public information, intended to provide a brief snapshot of each firm rather than providing a comprehensive description. Partners and advertising products offered by each company are also listed, a timeline of milestones for each company, and ownership information and for many companies.

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