The Olery Review Sites Database provides real-time insight for hotels managers on how to best leverage their hotel’s presence and reputation on these sites, and saves time by putting them on the marketing and monitoring fast track through these ‘social communities’. The data displayed in the Olery Review Sites Database offers a wealth of information on the global top 100 review websites including: - A clear and concise description of each site - Real-time website traffic analysis and data on the number of monthly site visitors - Statistics (number of reviews, number of hotels, and countries where each hotel is available) - A breakdown of the types of reviews and sub ratings - Process for reviewing: whether a hotel manager can respond to a review on a specific website, if it is public or private – which is especially important when responding to negative reviews and is often a difficult process to discover - If the possibility exists to purchase a paid subscription with additional marketing services like TripAdvisor or Zoover - Languages represented “The world economy dictates that hotel managers manage their listings on both domestic and international websites, and through our daily discussions with them we know that the process for managing their content and knowing which sites are the most appropriate for them can be daunting,” said Kim van den Wijngaard, CEO and co-founder of Olery. “The Olery Review Sites Database aggregates all the information they need in one place so they can spend less time researching, and more time monitoring their social reputation and responding to reviews in a quick, proactive way within these highly social communities.” Review sites and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have become the de facto starting place for the traveling consumer when researching places to stay internationally, whether for business or pleasure. Websites like TripAdvisor, and a host of others, get millions of monthly visitors and contain a multitude of information – including reviews – on hotels all over the world to assist travelers looking for the perfect accommodation. Hotel managers are tasked with making sure that their hotel content on these sites is both rich and accurate, as well as monitoring and responding to guest reviews in a timely manner. Ninety-two percent of internet users read product reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decision,” according to e-tailing Group. Recent research conducted by Market Metrix also supports this: “Guest experience factors including past experience, reputation, recommendations, and online reviews are critical to selecting a hotel by the majority of hotel guests (51%) and are now more important to guests than either hotel location (48%) or price (42%). This means that for the first time, more bookings are driven by reputation than either location or price.” “The reviews that guests place on travel websites are a vitally important part of the transparent web, and have the power to make or break a traveler’s decision to stay in a hotel or not,” continued van den Wijngaard. “Hotel managers need every tool at their disposal to make the right decisions, and to be able to manage content and respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews. The Olery Review Sites Database provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for hotel managers to quickly and easily facilitate this on a global scale.” Related Link: Olery Review Sites Database