Korn says many consumers, particularly older people, are not confident on the internet or not comfortable with supplying credit card details online. "There's also a lack of trust in terms of what you're going to get. "If you go to a travel agent and something doesn't work out, you know where to go back to, but if you've booked online, you can feel you're in no man's land." The third factor is that it is difficult to book complicated itineraries on the internet. "If you're doing a complex, multi-stop trip, you can't really do that online," he says. Korn says consumers should understand that many travel agents will match prices. "Then you get the guarantee of that [travel agent] service, but you get the cheap price as well." Many consumers are also willing to pay a bit more for good advice. "A lot of people have a great relationship and trust with their travel agent and are very loyal to them," Korn says. Get the full story at WAtoday