Until recently, the restaurant at The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago catered to an older demographic, comprised mostly of wealthy travelers and classy businessmen. But those folks are aging fast, and the chain knows it. In June of 2012, The Four Seasons launched Allium, an upscale American restaurant & bar, in the hopes of bringing in hip, connected, and affluent Chicagoans. But the Four Season’s traditional marketing and advertising efforts weren’t focused on this new customer base. It needed a partner to help with a new marketing campaign – a campaign that would attract a younger influential audience in touch with social media to help drive traffic and awareness. The hotel partnered with social influence app Freebie on two events that took place during the summer of 2013, with the purpose of targeting two different types of customers. These events were the first steps to an ongoing monthly campaign which keeps Allium within the online conversation. Get the full story at Social Media Today