The name of a hotel can help to create a property’s brand, according to sources. “It’s the first thing (consumers) are going to see. The good news for an independent property is that they have a little bit more creative freedom. They can inject their own personality into it because it is independent,” Todd Leach, group account director for Dedica Group - See more at: said. “On the flipside, the ‘watch out’ is nobody’s going to know what this is. You don’t have the power of a big brand behind you to push it,” he said. But everything is a brand today no matter how large or small, Leach said. “Consumers today recognize brands. They appreciate brands large and small. Even small, growing brands—especially curated or artisanal brands—have weight and meaning because consumers are attracted to the brand identity and that brand idea,” he said. “And that becomes a personal badge to themselves. Consumers are using brands as a badge of who they are. It’s a reflection of their own personal style and their own personal taste. So independent properties are certainly part of that.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "The importance of character in independents" at Hotel News Now