As we’ve seen, there is a sea change happening across the hotel industry, in which small properties and giant brands alike are trying to innovate as fast as the major online travel agencies, the sharing economy upstarts and the lurking threat of Google. The whole industry is highly fragmented. This has driven consolidation among the hotel companies (Marwood, anyone?) to try and approach the scale of the OTA duopoly. But a concurrent consolidation in hotel technology also would help transform the industry in a positive way. However, it’s not likely to happen until outside investors turn to the hospitality technology space in a bigger way. Right now, there are hundreds of vendors tinkering with marginally better systems for property management or revenue management or other functions. But with more money and attention from private equity and venture capital, real scale could be achieved for hotel technology solutions — ones able to thrive in giant branded hotels down to independent properties. Get the full story at Duetto