Rocketmiles is yet another hotel room reservations portal, but with a key difference - it offers miles on a wide variety of airlines as standard bonuses for booking through its engine. These carriers include not only American incumbents such as Southwest and United, but also international operators like British Airways, Air France, and even Ethiopian Airlines. At the moment, Priceline Group has a lackluster loyalty program. Replacing it with a vastly better one would give it an edge over Expedia, with its somewhat complex, yet not particularly compelling, Expedia+ Rewards. Having a quality program would help level the odds against some increasingly tough competition - ironically, the hotel chains and airlines that supply the inventory for the agencies. Both types of suppliers have gotten much better at enticing travelers to book directly on their sites, circumventing the Priceline Groups and Expedias of the world. Get the full story at The Motley Fool Read also "Priceline to acquire Rocketmiles"