Before you head to your next destination, it’s simple to log in to Google and save a spatial list of the cafés you want to try, and how to get from one to the next, and finally home to your new AirBnB pad. You can even check the information box on the left to see how busy a café, bar, or library is right now, to be sure of snagging a power point and a comfy chair. And if you’re hoping to catch up with an old friend in town but you both have busy schedules, it’s easy to keep them abreast of where you are by sharing your location via Google or other social networks – so they always know where to drop in for a cup of tea and the latest international gossip. Expedia’s great new visual guide offers a full rundown of how it all works, and what else is available - and importantly, from a marketing standpoint, it highlights the various ways in which people are using these tools, which can help guide your thinking on how to increase your business exposure. Get the full story at Social Media Today