The company sends triggered emails the day after a customer has abandonded their search. "It has to be timely," said Kay Kerman, director of email strategy at American Airlines, in a presentation at the Email Insider Summit today. "If you are shopping for airfare today, I can't give you an email in two weeks." Technically speaking, the airline sends two email files daily to e-Dialog -- a files with a list of customers who have come to and searched but not booked and another file with flight pricing and airport information. e-Dialog creates the emails. Some emails have a single price point, some have dual. The single price point gives customers the price of the flight on the dates that they were searching for. The dual email gives two prices -- one on the exact date they were searching, another with different dates that offer a cheaper option. It can be a challenge since flight prices change regularly, but they try to send messages with prices that have at least six seats left at that price in hopes that it is still available when the customer opens the email. Get the full story at MediaPost