Farecast.com, the airfare prediction website, announced today a marketing relationship with American Airlines. The agreement gives Farecast access to American Airlines' lowest fares and makes it easier for Farecast to refer customers direct to aa.com for booking travel on American flights.

"We support Farecast because they provide useful information that helps consumers make smarter and more confident purchase decisions," said David Cush, American Airlines senior vice president, Global Sales. "Farecast's model supports direct AA.com bookings, where travelers can benefit from AA.com's lowest fare guarantee."

By working with American Airlines, Farecast will improve its user experience and will ensure Farecast.com users will have access to the lowest fares from the world's largest carrier.

"We appreciate American Airlines' support and confidence in our ability to provide actionable information that helps consumers purchase earlier and with peace of mind," said Hugh Crean, Farecast's president and chief executive officer. "We recognize that the best place for online customers to book American Airlines tickets is directly on AA.com. Through our marketing agreement, we can now more seamlessly facilitate direct booking at AA.com."

Farecast is committed to supporting airlines and strives to help airlines lower distribution costs and build customer value. When provided with better information from Farecast, customers are much more comfortable buying earlier and directly with airlines.

In addition, Farecast.com's airfare search engine helps online travel shoppers find the lowest airfares and buy direct with the airline sites. By booking directly, shoppers save money and get more value - low fare guarantees, no booking fees and free bonus miles. Farecast.com utilizes ITA Software's airfare pricing and shopping technology to power the airfare search engine.