In June, the company announced that select independent hotels would appear alongside Accor-branded hotels in booking-query results on the company's website. “Whether you are a leisure client or business client, 70 percent of those clients will go through at least two websites before they're going to make a [booking] decision,” Bazin said. “We launched the marketplace for one particular reason: If you want those 70 percent of people that are going on two websites before they make a booking, you need to propose different offerings. My portfolio of hotels is not enough.” Bazin said AccorHotels has been a “sleeping giant for far too long,” allowing online travel agencies, aggregators and disruptors like Airbnb to lead innovation the past 15 years. “The industry [is] not going through any revolution; we're not going through any transformation. We did enter an enormous mutation, which is irreversible, and it only started 12 to 15 years ago.” Get the full story at Business Travel News