“Dear Airbnb,” reads one of the Share Better ads. “You told us not to spend your tax payments ‘all in one place’ but now you’re making us spend taxpayers money on defending your frivolous lawsuit? Love, San Franciscans.” “We’re trying to encourage Airbnb to be a good citizen,” said Janan New, executive director of the San Francisco Apartment Association, which represents landlords. “We want to make sure that the public is aware of the ongoing issues. We did our part in negotiating legislation and attempting to uphold the law, and we’re asking that Airbnb do the same.” Airbnb launched its own San Francisco ad campaign on Wednesday. The company plans to spend close to $1 million on a blizzard of spots on radio and TV that profile hosts and the ways the service benefits them. Share Better’s budget is a modest $51,000, largely paid for by hotel worker unions and a national hotel trade group, New said. Get the full story at the San Francisco Chronicle