ADARA, the leader in leveraging global travel data to drive future business performance, today unveiled its ADARA Magellan travel intelligence platform, which leverages more than 300 million monthly active uniques, five billion annual travel searches and 250 million annual travel bookings to provide a full view of a traveler’s purchase behavior. The new platform empowers marketers with the ability to target valuable customers, while delivering actionable knowledge that fuels programmatic media buying across multiple devices. “Based on our deep technical expertise in travel and data, as well as our strong relationships with more than 80 travel partners, we’re able to help our clients design and implement targeted media campaigns that reach customers across the travel industry,” stated Layton Han, CEO, ADARA. “Through ADARA’s Magellan platform, we support brands with the knowledge they need to improve their decision making, personalize their marketing and reach customers across multiple channels.” The platform’s self-service functionality allows hotel marketing managers to create a simple advertising campaign in less than five minutes, from audience targeting to creative design and deployment. With mobile booking representing more than 25 percent of the travel market, ADARA’s Magellan platform enables more effective decisions on the best way to reach customers regardless of device. Based on where travelers are in their buying cycle, the platform aids marketers in understanding how to effectively leverage their ad spend in one channel to drive bookings in another. “Our clients have asked us for a platform that allows them to connect with their customers using targeted messages derived from unique audience buying information across consumer touch points,” said Melissa Stein, vice president of product, ADARA. “ADARA’s Magellan platform supports better decision making through its ability to apply pertinent data against campaign converters to help marketers act upon this information through real-time performance reporting and analytics.” Offering the ability to help marketers make intelligent, informed decisions about how to reach customers with the right messages at the right time across any device, ADARA’s Magellan platform transforms loyalty, search and booking data into a powerful advertising solution. Related Link: ADARA