Since JetBlue announced plans to rebrand in late 2014, the percentage of people polled who have said they are positive about the JetBlue brand has fallen almost eight points, according to YouGov, a research firm that surveys brand perceptions. When asked by the Wall Street Journal in 2015, about a decline in legroom, JetBlue’s executive VP of commercial planning replied: “I think that will be a non-issue once people see what the customer experience will be.” The problem? The JetBlue brand is legroom. It is part of the fabric of the customer experience, a core brand-value prop. Legroom is still one of the most complained-about issues in aviation. Branding and brand marketing can be an arduous journey. It takes time, patience, dedication and even a little bit of luck. Some of the world’s largest companies haven’t mastered it. Making one of these brand mistakes can push your brand past the point of no return. Get the full story at Entrepreneur