Adobe just released its 2018 State of Digital Advertising, based on a massive amount of data captured by the Adobe Experience Cloud. One of the insights is that while 74% of marketers think they are driving relevant ideas to potential prospects, very few of the people who see them agree. Others include: - TV is now a digital channel: Connected TV website visits are up 40% since 2016 - OTT is hot: On-demand streaming and "TV Everywhere" is up 114% over the past two years - Mobile is how retail wins: Growing retailers had 48% more visits from smartphones compared to 2016; shrinking retailers are flat - Social media wins new customers: Non-customers are 3X more likely to visit retailers from social media than customers - Search and email are still critical channels: 69% of retail web visits are direct or search-generated for non-customers; 20% are email-generated for existing customers - Push messaging on mobile is the killer retail app: Push notifications are up 300% over the past nine months Get the full story at Forbes and Adobe