Some trends and themes to watch in 2015 are: - Mobile is nowhere near done: Transformations due to mobile are accelerating. Despite intense focus, mobile maturity in travel is still low, outside a handful of technology companies. I expect mobile to have a more profound impact on post-purchase, a traditionally dark area Beyond initial app development, marketers need to become more mobile-savvy in driving downloads, engagement and choreographing messaging. - Digitally enhanced customer experiences: Changing demographic and global competitive pressures are driving the elevation of digital customer experiences as a core marketing/brand function. Optimizing customer experiences requires greater automation, coordination and employee enablement. - The continued rise of programmatic, data-driven contextual marketing: Leading hospitality companies such as Disney and others are making significant strides in capturing a global view of customers beyond the initial purchase to include all phases of a customer’s journey. - Owning the marketing micro-moments: Marketers have to optimize for a world of micro-moments whether on a mobile lock screen, a smart watch, web platform or other. Choreographing messages across platforms is a difficult proposition with implications for channel adoption. Delivering on all fronts is no easy task - and laying a foundation using automation and organizational change management will be essential to success. Get the full story at Adobe's Digital Marketing Blog