Half of consumers say they actively tried to avoid commercial messages in all of the above, according to a survey of 68,000 North American consumers conducted last year by Forrester Research. And if you're reading this and saying it couldn't be your advertising, reconsider. Based on Forrester's huge random sample, the analyst firm states that it has “95% confidence” that the results have a statistical precision of plus or minus 0.4%. Statistical precision is exactly what targeted marketing efforts continue to lack, write Forrester analysts Carlton Doty and Rusty Warner in the report, “The Power of Customer Context.” The two warn veteran marketers to wean themselves off campaigns and instead attach themselves to a “North Star” - their brand's identity among consumers - and use that to guide all their marketing activities. “You have to change the way you think about campaigns. You must move beyond awareness-building and look at them as a way to spark specific customer interactions,” Doty says. “It's not just facilitating interactions to feed a funnel; it's not just about a transaction. It's about people coming back. Think of mobile apps, for example.” Get the full story at Direct Marketing News