For small businesses who have small business sized budgets, the three platforms that are generally recommend are Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Each of these networks has its pluses and minuses, depending on what your advertising goals are. Here is some advice to help you cut through the noise to allow your advertising efforts to be heard. Facebook, has the highest number of user sessions globally; literally billions of people use Facebook daily. What sets Facebook apart from both Adwords and Bing, is that it really allows advertisers to find customers based on their interests and online behavior. For many small businesses, Facebook offers the best value-for-the money options with a potentially BIG return on investment. Facebook ads have very high visual appeal as they show up in the news feed of a potential customer. These visual ads make Facebook great for branding and creating inspiring ads which offer a great appeal for those potential customers to take action. Facebook also allows you to segment your audience in detail as Facebook knows a lot about each user. It is the segmentation ability that enables advertising to market based on interest, beliefs, ideologies, ages, values that truly enable advertising a global market at their fingertips without having to have a high dollar advertising budget. Get the full story at Blizzard Internet Marketing