Time and Resources AdWords: If you’ve got the time to manage online campaigns – ideally an extra five to 15 hours per week minimum – then AdWords might be for you. AdWords gives you the ability to show up on Google.com, the Google Display Network, and Google Maps. Depending on how you build your campaigns, and how active of a manager you are, will dictate how much time you’ll need to spend on campaign management and optimization. However, expect to create an evolving campaign structure, choose keywords, set bids, write text ads or create display ads, and optimize on your own. If this sounds like a bit too much work for you, but you’re willing to invest in resources, consider hiring an in-house marketing manager or a Google Certified Agency to help manage your campaigns. AdWords Express: If time is of the essence, and you need your campaigns up and running quickly with limited resources, AdWords Express might be your best bet. Don’t just think about short term, though. If over the long term, you don’t think you’ll have time to manage online campaigns successfully and you don’t anticipate hiring a consultant or agency, AdWords Express is for you. This option is ideal for small and medium-sized business owners who wear many hats – and working on their businesses’ advertising is an additional role that’s taking up time. With AdWords Express, you can set a budget and based on your type of business, Google will come up with a list of keywords to trigger ads to your site or Google+ page. Minimal ongoing management and maintenance is also provided by Google. To quickly see the success of your AdWords Express account, consider downloading the AdWords Express app for Android or iOS. Get the full story at Search Engine Watch