While the new law restricts rentals to 90 days a year or fewer, Airbnb units (and others) in the Capital are here to stay. The competitive landscape is no longer just the hotel down the road; it also might be the flat next door. Hoteliers in markets around the globe have sought ways to work with Airbnb hosts, from providing cleaning services to reserving for overbooking and more. They also should understand the prevailing rates on Airbnb in their respective boroughs or neighborhoods. This will paint a more detailed picture of the room supply and price points in their market area and will supplement strategic discussions as budgets are discussed for next year. This article looks at the existing inventory of hotel rooms and Airbnb units in London, home of HNN sister company STR Global. We gathered Airbnb inventory from third-party InsideAirbnb.com but were unable to independently verify its data. The hotel performance data shown is from STR Global’s supply database and includes 1,355 hotels, representing approximately 134,000 rooms in the London boroughs. Get the full story at Hotel News Now