Renting a room or an apartment on Airbnb is kind of a crapshoot, but the service recently crunched some numbers to figure out what factors play the biggest role in positive reviews. It might seem like trivial research, but you couldn’t blame Airbnb hosts or guests for taking notice. We’re in an age of Data Darwinism, as Om put it, where those who get the best reviews are the ones who will thrive. Here’s what Airbnb found, in a nutshell, according to blog post author Riley Newman (note: the research focused on private room rentals only): - Youngish guests and males give better reviews. - Older hosts and female hosts get better reviews. - Earlier booking correlates with better reviews. - Smaller groups tend to give better reviews. - The best city to stay in, in terms of positive reviews: Tampa, Fla. Get the full story at GigaOM