“BridgeStreet is a leader in the corporate housing and serviced apartment sector, and we viewed Airbnb as a natural choice to link up with as they have certainly helped redefine the travel industry,” said BridgeStreet Global CEO Sean Worker. “We will strategically position our services to Airbnb’s untapped corporate travel audience while we offer a broader array of experiences to our client base. It’s incredibly intuitive.” Airbnb launched its corporate travel portal, aimed at providing visibility and billing tools to travel managers, in July. The company reported in late August that 1,000 companies in more than 35 countries use Airbnb in their travel programs. BridgeStreet Global’s portfolio is about 50,000 apartments in more than 60 countries. “Long-term travelers want more than just access to a place to lay their head. They want to get to know their city, neighborhood bookshop, best place for coffee—live like a local, whether that means staying in a Victorian home in San Francisco or a loft in Paris,” said Airbnb hospitality head Chip Conley. Get the full story at Business Travel News