Airbnb VP of Engineering Mike Curtis was speaking at 4 Years From Now, a startup conference held in parallel to Mobile World Congress 2015, an annual gathering in Barcelona of phone, tablet and wearable manufacturers and other mobile-related companies. He played down the conflict with the hotel industry. "They're in the business of renting out accommodation, and we're in the business of renting out accommodation", he said, "so there's a feeling of some sort of conflict or competition." (Well yeah, that seems pretty clear.) "But that assumes travel is a zero sum game. And I don't think it is", he continued. "Our business is expanding and the hotel business is expanding", Curtis points out. He believes Airbnb appeals to people who might not opt for a traditional hotel stay: "We're helping people travel in a new way. I don't view it as a direct competition with hotels." Get the full story at CNet