Last week, LaSalle Hotel Properties CEO Michael Barnello told investors that the law would be “a big boost in the arm for the business, certainly in terms of the pricing” if signed into law, according to transcript of the call. A week later, the company’s CFO, Kenneth Fuller, clarified the company’s position, stating that “it’s not about price or competition, it’s about a level playing field. It’s about the fact that these have been illegal hotels, essentially,” he told New York City-centric blog Gothamist on Thursday. Now, in a letter sent on friday to LaSalle, Airbnb head of global policy Chris Lehane asks Barnello several pointed questions about his and the company’s stance on the matter, according to a copy of the letter obtained by Fortune. “What are you current policies as they relate to compression pricing, commonly referred to as price-gouging?” Lehane asks, along with whether Barnello knowingly mislead investors and analysts when he said the new law would boost his company’s business pricing strategy. Get the full story at Fortune Read also "Airbnb faces worldwide opposition as city authorities clamp down"