“We want to apply data to every decision. We want to be a very data-driven company.” It’s a sentiment you hear echoed wherever you turn in Silicon Valley, at least since Google became one of the world’s most-powerful companies. This particular quote comes from Airbnb Vice President of Engineering Mike Curtis, who joined the popular apartment-sharing startup almost six months ago after almost two years as an engineering director at Facebook. We spoke last week about how expansive Airbnb’s data-driven vision actually is, and how Curtis and his team of engineers can help make it a reality. Like most of his peers operating at web scale with web data, Curtis sees his work, the work of Airbnb’s data scientists and the work of the company strategic leaders as being intrinsically linked. “We think we might be pushing data science in the field of travel more so than anyone has ever done before,” Curtis said. Doing this over the long run — and capitalizing on it — will require some cutting-edge tools. Get the full story at GigaOM