Airbnb has lately been taking its expansion into a higher gear: a deal cut last year with Concur is evidence of how it is tapping into the corporate travel market; and it also announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom earlier this week. The corporate market will potentially mean much higher margins, while the carrier deals will be one more play for gaining more critical mass, particularly among mobile users: it will be the first time that Airbnb has worked with a carrier to preload its app on millions of Android devices. But its growth has not been without hiccups. Like Uber, Airbnb has faced a lot of backlash from the business that it’s disrupting — in Airbnb’s case, the hotel industry. Regulators have raised questions about the legality of private individuals renting out rooms, and the question of whether these are getting taxed adequately. Some of these, such as in its home town of SF, have been settled, while others, such as the ongoing case in New York, continue to simmer. Get the full story at TechCrunch Read also "Airbnb Business, Challenges Keep Growing" at Investor's Business Daily