At first, Airbnb grew slowly in London. By 2012, four years after it first launched, there were only a few hundred rentals in the capital each week. Then, in 2014, word started to spread. That year, there were approximately 90,000 rentals in the city. But it wasn't until 2015 that Airbnb really took off in London, as our new visualisation, shown below, illustrates. Based on data scraped from Airbnb’s site, it shows the startup's seemingly unstoppable advance, with around 215,000 rentals in 2015, followed by around 480,000 the following year. Based on current growth, Airbnb has probably already made its millionth London booking. As of spring last year, it was on 935,000 – and, while it showed some signs of slowing in central London, its growth in the city’s outer boroughs remained strong. Get the full story at Wired