Among the nastier commentary, one said the name sounded like a "copycat porn company." (The second character of the name sounds similar to slang for a female anatomy part.) One user of microblogging platform Weibo wrote: "My god. Better to have no Chinese name at all." Airbnb is doubling its investment in China, a country where most Western tech companies have been shut out or failed, and the brand name is part of a push to grow there. Chinese consumers can't talk about a brand if they don't have a name for it in their language. Airbnb's brand agency Labbrand is a specialist in Chinese names, having created them for Marvel, LinkedIn,, TripAdvisor and many others. It has developed a process that includes legal checks, a methodology to check for possible negative associations across dialects and tests with consumers. Get the full story at AdAge Read also "Airbnb rebrands as Aibiying in China"