While Airbnb is better known as the peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers with local accommodation around the world, the company has been pushing out into related experiential services too. Back in November, it introduced local experiences called “Trips” to its app, part of which involved a partnership with Resy that allowed Airbnb users to book local restaurants without leaving that app. So Airbnb’s investment is building on an existing partnership between the two companies, and in truth it would not be entirely surprising if Airbnb ultimately acquired Resy outright should their partnership prove fruitful. “Many of our most-treasured travel memories come from experiencing the local food,” explained Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. “Helping people find and book incredible local restaurants is a key part of us moving beyond just accommodation to focus on the whole trip. We can’t think of a better partner than Resy to help make this possible.” Get the full story at Venture Beat